t h i n g s  f r o m  p e e p s

"I had been a huge fan of Dave Letch's for many years, after having seen him play the alcoholic landlord in Angel At My Table and the ghost in Mr Wrong. Those performances left a lasting impression on me for many years to come. When Dave came to Sydney, I had the privilege of working with him here as a tutor at Screenwise. Dave's teaching and directing offers a full proof method to assist actors in getting out of their own way, leaving them open and responsive to making exciting and innovative choices in their performances. "

                                                                       DENISE ROBERTS - FOUNDER,  SCREENWISE



"Dave Letch is a showbiz animal – he’s one of the senior practitioners of our industry who does not sell himself, but quietly supports and mentors, using his considerable skills as script doctor, mentor and director. I’ve known him since 1980, when we were actors together at the Mercury Theatre in NZ, under the Artistic Directorship of the wonderful Jonathan Hardy. Halcyon days!

His support of me personally, and my journey into becoming a disabled actor, writer and theatre maker in Australia has been phenomenal.  He has been with me every step of the way as I formed Raspberry Ripple Productions; we still thrash out new ideas, and talk on an almost daily basis about showbiz and disability.

What a treasure!"


"..Alexander Technique as a genuine tool for the actor's process and not just a therapeutic...Dave's teaching will stay with you for life...he is the foremost Alexander Technique expert in the country."

                                                                                                  Philip Holder - actor/tutor/coach

                              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR The Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio


[Raspberry Ripple - Cockney rhyming slang for CRIPPLE]

"Dave Letch is a great dramaturg. One of the best in the country. With razor sharp analysis, he can see a script or storyline from angles you didn't even know existed."

                                                                                                                  Shaun Charles - "The Mitch" Award Winning writer - RIO SAKI & OTHER FALLING DEBRIS, LAST DRINKS, THE WHITE EARTH [Last Drinks & The White Earth - adaptations from the novels by Andrew McGahan.

Dave Letch has a plethora of industry training and experience which he imparts to clients with thoughtful grace and respect. His script doctoring is to the point and beyond helpful. Dave has all the qualities of a great teacher - he imparts wisdom in the most effective way, has a keen wit and listens intently. He is a humanist of great quality.

                                                                    Maxine Williamson, Academy and Asia Pacific Film Specialist

"Dave Letch is an actor and director. A really sensitive man who sparkles like a diamond when discussing New Writing. His direction of Renaissance by Ron Elisha was deeply moving. Look him up. He has a wonderful record. What Wiki and Google don’t tell you is that Dave is a world citizen, compassionate, a visionary and full of charm and good manners. This is not cheesy. It’s the truth."

"The mighty Dave Letch comes to town..."

                                                           Bhupen Thakker - Poet - International Poetry Slam Winner